by checklist

In 2017 I cartwheeled from being an employee at the business where I worked into being a partner. And then in 2018, I was given the opportunity to become sole owner, which I took!  The past 2 years have been a roller coaster of failures, triumphs, hard decisions and growth. As a single mom of 4, still paying back student loans, it has been difficult to find funding to take my business to the next level. Financial institutions base loan worthiness on a computer algorithm and unfortunately, I don’t make the cut. So, I’ve gotten tired of trying to open up doors and decided to start kicking them down! I’ve launched an IFundwomen campaign to bring my business growth plan to life.

Behind the scenes with Checklist owner, Tasha filming her Ifundwomen campain video

We have some awe-worthy service based rewards at up to 30% off our regular pricing. This is an exclusive opportunity to get tasks checked off of your to-do list at our lowest ever rates! Checklist is the highest rated, licensed, insured, Latina-owned handyman company in NYC. With your help we can bring the same premium services you have grown to love to all of NYC, get additional vehicles on the road, and provide the best up-to-date training courses for our field staff. Your help will not only fund small business growth, it will fund a huge dream.

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