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Home to-do list imageSeriously, where does time go? It seems to fly by so quickly that most of us often find ourselves wishing we had more time in a day to complete some of those pesky home improvement projects. The more time flies by, the more behind we get until we feel so overwhelmed by projects that needed to be done that we have no idea where to start anymore. That’s when you need to make a honey-do list and call us. We’ve made it easy for you to create your list. Check the boxes that need to be done, and write other tasks in the blank spots. We’ll get you a quote, and we’ll get started. Let’s talk about how simple that is for a moment.

Visit and click on QUOTE REQUEST. Take a look at all of the time-consuming things that we’ll do for you because you haven’t had the time to do them.

Painting: because painting is more than just a weekend project. You have to buy the materials, cover all of your furniture, cover your floors, use painter’s tape to protect trim, prime the areas you want painted, wait for it to dry, remove all of the preparatory stuff – it really can be a nightmare. But we have professionals who love to paint. They’re extremely good and efficient at their craft because of the passion they have for it.

Child proofing: because you’re a parent, or are about to become a parent; you have so very many other things to worry about. No matter how prepared you feel like you are for the birth of a child, there’s always last minute things to consider. Let us help take away some of that stress. We’ll paint the nursery, refinish your crib, clean and sanitize all baby toys, and childproof your home so the little one doesn’t get injured by everyday items.

Mount the TV: Something that seems so simple but is in fact extremely frustrating once you dive into it! You have to work with the mount to make sure it fits your television, find studs in the wall to make sure it doesn’t fall as soon as you take your hands off of it. Who wants broken television parts and pieces flying everywhere? You get the idea.

Some other things we’re asked to do quite often include caulking or re-caulking the bathroom or kitchen, repairing drywall, installing molding, installing mini-blinds (everyone loves this project, right?), replacing door locks, installing a doorbell, cabinet hardware, window screens, new faucets, new sinks, a new toilet, light fixtures… Yes, our handymen can do it all.

When you are at your wit’s end and feel like home improvement projects are out to get you, call us. Complete our quote request, schedule an appointment, and relax while our handymen and professional tradesmen perform their magic. You’re in good hands with our highly skilled employees.