Streaky windows are such a pain. Not only are they an eyesore, but they’re difficult to clean! Plus, because there are often many windows throughout your home or office building, it can take a lot of time to work on all of them. Rather than wasting a beautiful afternoon scrubbing the inside and outside of your windows, hire Checklist Home Services for the job. Contact us today to schedule window cleaning services in NYC!

What We Do

Our team is happy to work on both the interior and exterior of your windows:

The Exterior

We use professional cleaning equipment at Checklist Home Services to work on windows safely and effectively. Our team can quickly remove dirt and debris from the exterior of your windows using a pressure washer. This can be a great way to clean difficult-to-reach windows, such as those on the second floor.

In addition to pressure washing, our team can use a little elbow grease to make your windows spotless. Our cleaning technique will ensure there are no unwanted streaks left behind.

The Interior

In order for your windows to look completely smudge-free, you need to have both the exterior and the interior cleaned. When working on the interior, keep in mind that our team may need to move your furniture to make the window more accessible. We’ll hand-scrub each window with our effective cleaning technique and supplies to ensure they shine.

More than Windows

Windows aren’t our only area of expertise when it comes to cleaning. We’re happy to get to work on any and all areas of your home or office building. If you’re interested in a deep-cleaning, reach out to us today!

Request A Quote

Are you in need of window cleaning services in NYC? Contact Checklist Home Services to request a quote and schedule services. We look forward to serving you!