by checklist

Checklist teamI’ve been asked time and time again, “Why this particular business? Why did you start a handy-man business?” And the answer is quite simple – I came up with the idea of starting a handy-person service about five years ago when I became a homeowner myself. I found it difficult to find a reliable, honest contractor with a broad skill set who could take care of all of the issues that needed to be addressed in my house. My list of things to do kept growing until it felt overwhelming.

I feel that Checklist Home Services is a needed service in our area, and it caters to my desire as a marketer to provide a well-rounded customer experience for homeowners. I put all of my focus on the overall customer experience. My goal is to have everything to flow smoothly from the ease of using the website to our response time between the click of the mouse and the phone call to schedule the appointment – all the way through to the completed job.

I love what I’ve built here with my excellent team, because we aren’t just in a sales-oriented business. We’re in a people business. Yes, we focus on the job at hand, and each job is different from the next, but it’s more about the relationship we build with homeowners than making that next sale.

Many homeowners call on Checklist Home Services a few times per year for general home maintenance items like air or water filter changes. Some prefer to schedule services every six months or once per year. The service we provide is specifically designed to make homeownership easier.

Let’s face it, homeowners are generally busy people. Most have demanding careers in addition to busy family or social lives. Sometimes it seems as though they are hanging on by a thread by the time they schedule an appointment because so many Honey-Do items need to be done. They’re often shocked to discover that our employees can usually tackle most household maintenance items in a single day. Sometimes we need two days if the list is very extensive.

My educational background is in Russian Literature, and I have an MBA in Marketing – not exactly handy-person material. I love the customer interaction side of the business, and seeing how happy people are with the results we provide. Call us at 347-695-1882 to discuss your home maintenance or home improvement needs. Whether you’re looking for a general contractor, a handyman, or just someone to tackle your Honey-Do List, we can help.