by checklist

weekend funBuying new furniture for the house is always an exciting process; frustrating at times, but once you’ve discovered the perfect furniture, it’s exciting! You’ve redecorated the house, and feel very good about the new digs. And then you notice that new bookshelf or dresser that you purchased as a box kit – still in the corner of the closet. Still, with great furniture comes great responsibility and a few assembly skills; and we know not everybody is great with handling these things.

Box stores such as IKEA offer a great variety of furniture at affordable prices that you take home ready packed and easy to assemble; at least that’s what they say. However, there are times when easy to assemble doesn’t actually mean easy to assemble and you wish you could ask Superman, Spiderman and the Incredible Hulk to help you figure the sketches out and tighten the screws.

Our Team of Real Life Super Heroes

Still, this is real life, and there is no way we can call on Marvel or DC heroes to help you put these things together perfectly. And then we realize that it’s not just hard and twisted but it’s also really time consuming and nerve wracking in the end. Don’t let the enthusiasm at the beginning dwindle – ask for help from our team of real life super heroes at Checklist Home Services.

There are many things we can do for you, but one of them is exactly the task at hand: assembling any “easy to assemble” furniture that has proven to be a task for comic book heroes and not just a simple few minute mission. We don’t usually wear super hero costumes, but we never discount the idea.

Located in Brooklyn, NY, Checklist Home Services is your professional handyman service with employees who enjoy the most taxing home improvement tasks. We know how to assemble boxed furniture kits, and we always pay great attention to detail. We prove time and time again that we have the ability to deliver every project within budget and in a timely manner.

And we love furniture kits! We assemble furniture kits on a regular basis, and love helping our clients with all home improvement projects. We have experts who enjoy painting, building, and general home repairs. We will perform an initial walkthrough of your home with you so that you can point out all of the issues you would like addressed. We will use our custom checklist to outline everything you need done, and make notes for things that aren’t on the list.

Checklist Home Services knows that “easy assembly” isn’t something you can take for granted and is ready to assist everyone in need of a good handyman. Call us the next time you would like to tackle a home improvement project, or put that pesky easy-to-assemble furniture together. We’ll bring our own tools so you don’t have to worry about supplying those, either.