by checklist

What is Checklist Home Services?
Checklist Home Services is a handyman services company that helps busy New Yorkers preserve a limited resource — your time — and protects and increases the value of your biggest investment — your home (or apartment). We focus on light home improvement, repair, and maintenance projects that contractors tend to think are too small, such as: painting, repairing drywall, hanging shelves/pictures, assembling furniture, grouting, caulking, installing fixtures/fans, mounting TVs, child proofing, installing doors/windows, custom carpentry, weather-proofing, air conditioner tune-up and installation. Unlike the typical fly-by-night handyman, Checklist Home Services conducts extensive professional and criminal background checks on our workers, hires craftspeople with strong communication and customer service skills, shows up on time, cleans up, is insured and licensed, pays taxes, issues invoices, and accepts card payments (including Amex, of course!).