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A surface makeover, or a bathroom facelift, is exactly what it sounds like; a quick refinish that redefines the look and feel of your bathroom. You don’t have to dive into an entire bathroom remodeling project to completely change the way your bathroom looks. As long as the furnishings fit well, try the ideas below to transform your bathroom.

Paint! Paint the Ceiling and Walls

Paint makes a big difference in the way the room looks. A fresh coat of paint, even if you use the same color, will refresh the room and give it a “like new” appearance. Use paint that is specifically designed for the bathroom, at least a satin finish, and will help defend against mold and mildew. Use white or a very light shade on the ceiling.

Replace the Flooring

Tile flooring looks amazing, but can be tedious to install. A well-laid tile floor can look like nearly any material from marble to hardwood or even river rock. Make sure to use a flooring material that can withstand the moisture in the bathroom.

Install New Faucets and Hardware

New faucets on the sink and tub, and new hardware on the doors and cabinetry improve the appearance of the bathroom. Old hardware and faucets make the room appear run down. Choose hardware that fits the new theme and complements other elements.

Install New Outlets and Faceplates

Decorative outlet covers and faceplates are an excellent option, but crisp, solid white is also a good idea. Be as creative as you like and choose outlets and faceplates that complement other parts of the room. Some people choose to match the base trim or the window trim to the outlet and faceplate covers.

Hang New Wall Art

You can find inexpensive wall art online, at your local re-store or thrift store, or even at the hardware store. Your bathroom wall artwork doesn’t have to be designer or have a big name attached; buy something that you love.

Increase Storage in Your Bathroom

This is a little off topic, but we wanted to throw this idea into the mix, too. You can use nearly any piece of furniture in the bathroom, so get creative. That old changing table or dresser you never use anymore can probably be modified and used in the bathroom as additional storage and as a decorative furniture piece.

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