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How long has it been since you painted the interior of your home? Does your castle currently feel like a dump? Your color choices from years ago are probably playing havoc with your emotional wellbeing. Choose wisely when repainting your interior; certain colors may promote a bad mood or a good one, they may make you feel relaxed or anxious. Make sure to choose colors that create the atmosphere you wish to experience within the walls of your home. Refresh the interior of your home this summer with some of these great tips:

Living Room

Love the beach? Aim for a nautical theme in your living room for total relaxation. Aim for light blue walls with white trim, and refresh your ceiling paint with a nice coat of crisp white. Hang sailboats or beach images on the walls. Choose photos from your most recent beach vacation if you prefer snapshot style photos over mass produced pieces of art.

Also try these ideas:

  • Paint your picture frames.
  • Choose canvas prints to eliminate frames altogether.
  • Hang new curtains, blinds, or other window dressing.
  • Paint your furniture if possible.
  • Refinish wooden furniture.

Dining Room

Dress your dining room in colors that pay homage to cuisine from your favorite country. Make sure to include red, as it encourages appetite. Display artwork that promotes appetite and provides the overall feeling you want to express in the dining room.

Also try these ideas:

  • Display food pictures or artwork.
  • Refinish wooden furniture.
  • Paint your wooden furniture.
  • Put a colorful rug under the dining room table.


The kitchen is one of the most visited rooms in the home; make it one that will increase the overall mood of everyone in the home. Yellow is an excellent color for a kitchen because it enhances the mood and gives you energy. Light blue also energizes and provides a sense of cleanliness.

Also try these ideas:

  • Replace hardware on cabinets and drawers.
  • Refinish or paint your cabinets.
  • Add a backsplash behind the range and sink.


Bedrooms must offer a feeling of relaxation and provide a sanctuary for the occupant. Children often enjoy choosing their own bedroom wall colors, but only let this idea go so far. Don’t let your child choose bright yellow, for example, for their primary wall color, as yellow is an energizing color. Steer them toward other, more relaxing colors.

Also try these ideas:

  • Paint trim a color that contrasts with the wall color.
  • Allow children to hang their own artwork for personalization.
  • Use sultry colors for an adult bedroom.
  • Hang age-appropriate artwork to decorate an otherwise-plain wall area.


The bathroom is another very busy room in the home. Choose clean colors that create a sense of relaxation in the master bathroom. Turn your blah bathroom into an oasis for relaxation after a difficult work day.

Also try these ideas:

  • Replace your shower curtain and liner.
  • Replace your current shower curtain rod.
  • Replace bathroom rugs or floor coverings.
  • Replace window coverings to complement your new wall color and decor.

No Time? No Worries!

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Did you like any of the ideas here? What would you do to refresh the interior of your home if you had the time? Discuss your ideas here, we’d love to hear them!