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It is no secret to anyone, that as kids grow up their needs and taste changes. Their rooms need to reflect their individual tastes as much as possible. As such, by the time your baby reaches three years old, you may want to start turning the nursery into a room that is more suitable for a big kid. This calls for various changes in furniture and decor. Whatever you do, you need to keep safety as the primary focus.

Short tips on how to remodel a nursery into a big kid’s room:

  • “Little Girl to Big Girl Room Makeover” from Naptime Decorator

    Ditch the crib. Replace the crib with a comfortable big kid bed. If you bought a crib with rails for just this time, once your toddler starts climbing out of the crib, it is time to set up the toddler bed. Make sure that your toddler bed as a rail that will prevent them falling out, but low enough to climb over safely. Make sure the bed isn’t too small because your child is at that point in their life when they start growing at a rapid pace. You could take the opportunity to get a bed that they can use for years to come. If money is not a problem, you could get a custom built bed with storage and other nice options.

  • Of course, you’ll also need to swap the changing table for a sleek dresser that matches the color scheme of the room. This should also have enough storage for a growing child’s possessions. Depending on the type of changing table, you may be able to turn in into storage for toys.
  • A small play table can be placed in the room. This is optional, but highly recommended as it can be used to occupy your toddler’s time and it can help them to become accustomed to a study table, as they grow older.
  • Build small shelves that are low enough for the child to reach for books and toys.
  • Changing the interior painting of the room is a good idea as well. At this stage, little hands and feet will be making markings on the walls, so go for colors that do that show dirt easily. Thankfully, there are now paints that can be wiped off, even if your child uses the wall as a drawing board. Add colors that your child likes as well, so that they feel that the room is really theirs.

Darling redesign of a little girl’s bedroom, from Perfectly Imperfect.

Once transitioning from a nursery to a toddler room, make sure that items are in easy reach so the child will not need to climb and risk falling. At this age, they will want to start dressing themselves, so dressers should be sturdy and firm so they will not topple over when drawers are opened. Allow us to help you design and build out the perfect room for your baby-turning-big-kid. Our handymen are very familiar with assembling boxed furniture, shelving, painting, and renovating different rooms in the home.

Follow these short, simple guidelines and you’ll be surprised how fast your nursery begins to transform into a room fit for your growing child. The right changes can help make your toddler one of the happiest kids around. Call us at 347-695-1882 to discuss the details of your project.