Checklist in South Slope News

Checklist, CitiBin, and Liz are profiled in South Slope News: “Neighbor Liz Picarazzi has her hands full. That’s because she’s in the business of taking your handiwork woes out of yours. Picarazzi is the founder and CEO of Checklist Home Services, a handiwork service that she founded in 2011. While her clients are located throughout […]

How to Maintain Your Wooden Cutting Boards

My big wooden cutting board and chef knife are like a knight’s sword and shield. They kind of define me. Being an avid cook, I use them incessantly. So, you can imagine how foolish I felt when I noticed that my big, beloved board was splitting apart from being so dry.  I hadn’t thought to maintain […]

10 Signs You Shouldn’t Do Your Own Handyman Work

1. You think this seems like a good solution.   2. Your hands took four months to heal last time. 3. You wear this thinking “maybe I’ll get laid” and have no idea how to use any of the tools in it.   4. This is what you looked like the last time you did […]