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gift-certificateDad has been working and maintaining the house for how many years now? Isn’t it time to offer him a break that won’t break his wallet? How many more ties or sets of golf clubs can he use, anyway? Consider getting him a gift that he will really love this year – our Handyman for a Day package. Here are a few examples of our day and half day lists so you can decide which your father needs.

The Ceiling is Messed Up List

This list is perfect for people who have had any type of leak that affected their ceiling, or who have a new ceiling fan lying around just waiting for the right time to install it. This list includes things like:

  • Patch, plaster, sand, plaster again, sand, prime and paint the unsightly spot out of existence.
  • Install a new light fixture or ceiling fan.
  • Paint the crown molding.

The Marriage Saver List

So dad has been a little lax in his home maintenance schedule for a while. It happens. Here’s where our services really shine. Here’s what we have in our marriage saver list:

  • Assemble the crib (or other piece of furniture)
  • Paint the nursery.
  • Hang shelves.
  • Snake the drains.
  • Replace light bulbs, smoke detector batteries, and carbon monoxide detector batteries.
  • Fix the doorbell.
  • Change the locks.

You may add or subtract from the list of course to make it better suit your needs. Our teams of professional handymen show up on time and get right to work after discussing a few details with you. We can get a lot of work done in a single day if you would like to fill out our checklist and let us know what needs to be done. Our half-day lists are also available, and include lists like these:

The Everything’s Broken List

  • Repair the front door lock.
  • Re-caulk the bathroom and kitchen.
  • Hang five pieces of art into drywall.
  • Assemble basic boxed furniture.

The Summer Prep List

  • Install the A/C in the lower part of the window.
  • Power wash the deck.
  • Install new curtains or other window treatment.

Our actual checklist is available on our handyman request form. Feel free to fill it out online or print it if that is more convenient. We offer services that include every room in the home as well as the exterior of your home. Our goal is to make your job as a homeowner easier by taking control of your honey-do list and getting rid of as many things as possible in a single day when you purchase our handyman for a day package. Give us a call any time to discuss your handyman needs or to schedule a consultation.