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Curb appeal means so much more than the appearance of your home. You can install new windows, replace the siding and the roofing, and paint decorative elements on the exterior of your home to improve curb appeal. But if you’re still using those ugly standard green trash cans or dumpsters on your property, you still have a long way to go. There are several ways to hide the trash can, the air conditioning unit, and other unsightly necessities on your property. So that’s what our focus is for today’s post – improving curb appeal by using decorative trash enclosures.

Build an Enclosure to Hide Trash

You have a lot of tools at your disposal if you’re the handyman type. DIY trash enclosures can be made using nearly anything from free pallets to specialty wood or faux rock panels from your local home improvement store. You can create an area that will effectively hide your trash or heat pump and improve your curb appeal simultaneously.

CitiBin Attractive Trash Enclosures

 The trash enclosures here at CitiBin are attractive and very easy to assemble. You can purchase and assemble one of our bins in much less time than it would take to design your own, drive to the store to pick up supplies, and build it on your own. And the best part – our kits come pre-drilled and ready to assemble. We include easy to follow instructions or you can call us and we’ll make arrangements to assemble it for you.

Trash Enclosures with a Dual Purpose

Get creative when you’re planning and customizing your trash enclosure. Use materials that are attractive and easy to work with, but also take dual purpose into mind. Design your trash enclosure to include recycling and storage, for example. Also consider building an enclosure that houses a planter on top so you can further decorate with seasonal or perennial flowers.

Choosing Materials, Functionality, and Colors

The number-one thing to consider when choosing the material to build your trash enclosure with is durability. Choose something that’s durable enough to withstand all of the trash you can throw at it and any bumps it may receive from vehicles, bikes, or other equipment. The material you choose should be easy to wash down and strong enough to stand the test of time.

Create a decorative impact with your trash enclosure by choosing colors that complement the exterior of your property. Choose paint or stain colors that enhance your property in some way if the enclosure is made of wood.

Attractive Trash Enclosures in Brooklyn

CitiBin trash enclosures have helped make many Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens area properties more attractive while improving the functionality of the trash dump area. Give us a call at 347-549-4121 to schedule an appointment for a consultation or get more information about our trash enclosures.