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If you have a small bathroom, making changes to it is a matter of necessity for functionality and comfort. In most cases, it is impossible to physically increase the space, but you can make it feel larger and more luxurious. Two areas of focus should be making better use of the space you have, and increasing the amount of natural light coming in.

Managing Your Space

Making use of the space in the bathroom really comes down to getting rid of clutter and improving the storage options you have available. These solutions include:

  • Install floating or open shelving as these will keep the bathroom from feeling closed in.
  • Make the most of open shelving by using decorative items that reflect light such as glass and mirrors.
  • Remove the bathtub and install a custom shower to free up floor space.
  • Install a wall-hung toilet and sink for a sleeker, modern look that promotes easy cleaning.

Implement More Natural Light

Additional natural light in the bathroom creates a more soothing and cheerful setting. It is also a money saver as you can turn on the lights later in the day. Two ways to get this effect are:

  • Replace the window with a larger one or add transom windows and sidelights.
  • Install a glass block window. If you have a shower with glass doors, a glass block window in the wall will stream light through the glass for a brighter space.

DIY vs. Hiring Professionals

Some jobs might not be too difficult for the average person to handle with a little help. For example, you might be able to install a preassembled glass block window, but installing individual blocks would be more difficult.

Replacing the bathtub with a shower is not the ideal task for a do-it-yourselfer. Improving the bathroom often involves plumbing and electrical work. The original water supply lines may have to be cut, plus the fittings may need to be removed and replaced. Having a professional handle the work reduces the chances of mistakes, and they will work faster, so there will be less inconvenience for your household. Another advantage is that a contractor understands the permits process and knows what kinds of changes are allowed.

Small Bathroom Remodeling in Brooklyn

Using a large mirror in the bathroom will reflect some of the natural light that comes in to make the space brighter. You will make better use of natural lighting with lighter, neutral color tones that reflect, rather than absorb light. Let us know your bathroom remodeling needs so we can help you choose the best materials and items to help with organization and lighting. Call us at 347-695-1882 to schedule an appointment for a consultation with our designers.