We are well known for our popular handyman-for-a-day service. You pay by the day rather than by the task. A handyman will devote a day to your list of home maintenance, repair, and improvement tasks that you submit with this form.

Service minimum: half-day handyman, which is $500/half-day. A full-day handyman/day is $725. Please see our pricing page for more rates.

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  • Currently Checklist only services Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. Let us know if you'd like our handyman service in your area!
  • In the interest of time, we provide virtual quotes whenever possible. Kindly upload photos or videos that illustrate your tasks. If an in-person estimate is needed (free!), we will contact you to schedule a time.

  • Some browsers reject attachments. If this happens to you, please email the photos to quotes@checklistnyc.com. Thanks!
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