by checklist

The New Year brings with it a new beginning for home improvement plans. Many homeowners simply don’t have the time, energy, or ability to take on DIY handyman tasks, so that’s where we come into play. Today we’re going to talk about several ways you can improve the efficiency of your home without spending a fortune.


Now before you turn away because windows can be a bit on the expensive side, we have a few great ideas to improve the efficiency of your windows without costing you an arm and a leg. Most of today’s windows are vinyl structures with double paned glass. As long as they’re newer than about 10 years old, they shouldn’t need replacement. There are, however a few ways to make them more efficient.

  • Order replacement gaskets. Replacing the gaskets is as simple as cutting them to fit and popping them into place. You may also choose to add weather stripping if you still feel a draft after replacing the gaskets.
  • Install new window locks. Locks become damaged and worn over time, reducing the effectiveness of the seal they create when locking the window. New window locks are inexpensive and provide more security for your home as well as helping with window efficiency.
  • Install new window treatments. Blinds and curtains do more than protect your privacy; they also increase the efficiency of your windows. Blackout curtains block light from entering the room, and insulated curtains stop heat and cold from entering your home.


Replace worn weather stripping around each exterior door and use a rolled blanket, towel, or rug to cover the usually-drafty area at the bottom of the door. You shouldn’t need to replace the door itself unless it is very old or continues to be drafty after installing new weather stripping. Entry doors are usually very well insulated and models newer than 10 years old should not be drafty.

New Light Bulbs

Switch to LED bulbs throughout your home. We understand this can be an expensive change if you do every room at once, so we recommend buying one or two LED bulbs at a time to replace incandescent bulbs when they blow. A good LED bulb may cost around $10, but you’ll start to see improvements in your energy bills after replacing a few.

Install Vacancy Sensors

We don’t always remember to turn the lights out when we leave a room; we’re all guilty of walking from room to room without turning the lights out as we go. Vacancy sensors are about $20 each and there’s no need to worry about others in the household forgetting to turn lights off. That $20 sensor will likely pay for itself within the first year after installation.

Schedule Inspections

Yearly inspections of the dryer hose, chimney, and flue are extremely important. Many homeowners don’t consider this a regular part of maintenance, but they should be looked at as preventative maintenance. Early detection of problems in the flue or chimney can save a lot of money in repairs, and ensuring that the dryer hose is lint-free will save a lot on the power bill. When all of your appliances are in tip top working order, your energy bill really reflects it!

Need a Handyman?

Some of these home improvement ideas are simple yet time consuming. We fully understand that some homeowners simply don’t have the time to dedicate to this type of handyman work. That’s why we’re here! Call Checklist Home Services in Brooklyn at 347-695-1882 if you’d like to discuss home improvement ideas with one of our experts or schedule a consultation at your home.