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“Quick Home Upgrades That Deliver Big Results” from the Family Handyman

Not everything you do in your home has to be a herculean task in order to make a big difference. Many people think that changing up the look and feel of a home has to rely heavily on working with large format renovations or remodeling. You don’t always have to spend a full weekend upgrading tiles, changing out flooring, or doing something drastic to make a difference in your home. Sometimes, you can take a few hours and get a new look and feel, especially when it comes to the bathroom and kitchen that you have in your home today. As such, consider a few of these tips that can help you get a new look and feel and change the way you feel about your kitchen and bathroom.

The Curved Shower Curtain

Some people talk about raising the curtain a bit, but that’s only a small change that doesn’t really make you feel like you’ve achieved the goal – which is to get more room in the shower. Look for a curved shower curtain and you’ll be able to increase space without doing much more than drilling a few holes. In some instances, your existing shower rod can be replaced within a few minutes. Curved options allow you to add more space to your tub and shower without having to get a sledgehammer and force your way into a renovation. These are surprisingly easy to use and can give you a more in depth look and feel along with the shower curtain you choose.

Change the Fixtures

Moving to the kitchen, consider upgrading your fixtures. A sink change may be complex, but you don’t have to be a tradesman to update your faucet. Change your faucet style, the knobs and hardware as a whole, and you’ll see something compelling. This may seem easy, and it is, but the look that you will have after it’s all said and done, is well worth exploring on a deeper level. Changing the fixtures can also give your bathroom sink a more sophisticated elegance as well.

Cabinet Hardware

“8 Cheap, Easy Ways to Upgrade an Ugly Bathroom” from Pure Wow

Whether you seek this out for the kitchen or the bathroom, hardware can really set you up for success. There’s something nice about hardware upgrades, especially when they complement your lighting style. There’s a plethora of hardware styles that you can choose from, mixing and match raw materials, and creating compelling design choices. You don’t always need to get a whole new cabinet system to get things looking new; sometimes it’s a matter of hardware changes.

Multiple Use Additions

Back the bathroom, a quick way to change the look and feel of the room is to install multi-storage units. Whether you put one next to the sink, above the toilet, or new modern shelving, you can easily change the visual design flow of your bathroom with this mindset. Think about multi-use as you install new elements, and you’ll be able to store more elements and add an eye piece to the look and feel of your bathroom.

The professionals at Checklist Home Services are well-versed in making these changes when homeowners aren’t necessarily DIY inclined. We completely understand that it is often more time consuming than expected. We also understand that some homeowners simply aren’t comfortable making changes, drilling holes, changing the sink hardware, or other home improvement activities. That’s why we exist and why we enjoy our job so much. Call us at 347-695-1882 to schedule an appointment for a consultation or to discuss your home improvement ideas with us.