How We Price

Checklist is an insured, licensed, bonded, tax-paying, job-creating local business. Our handymen are professional, efficient, customer-focused, detail-oriented, trained, and background-checked. Not words typically used to describe handymen!

Our pricing is based on the costs of running a great company that offers our clients superior service and where our employees love to work.

How We Schedule

We offer our handyman services in half-day increments so the focus is on you, your home, and your list. Scheduling handymen for a series of one-off jobs can throw even the best handymen off their game, leaving no cushion to address unexpected challenges. Once you see how efficiently a Checklist handyman works, you will likely want to add to your list and not have him run out the door to his next job! Check out our reviews – we select our craftspeople based on their skills, but also their efficiency.

Handyman-for-a-Day: Our Flagship Service

We are well known for our popular handyman-for-a-day service. You pay by the day rather than by the task. A handyman will devote a day to your list of maintenance, repair, and improvement tasks that you have compiled using our online quote request form.

Checklist handymen are broadly versed in the trades — carpentry, painting, light electrical, light plumbing, tiling.  In one day, they can tackle a range of tasks that you otherwise would need to hire separate contractors for. If you don’t have enough tasks to fill a day, consider the handyman-for-a-half-day.

Example task list for a Handyman-for-a-Day: plaster repair, caulk bath tub, assemble desk, install window air conditioner.

Example task list for a Handyman-for-a-Half-Day: mount TV, install ceiling fan, change 4 doorknobs.

Our online quote request form helps you capture the tasks that are top of mind, as well as some that you may not have thought of. We can help you add or subtract tasks to optimize the time with your handyman.

Jobs estimated to take more than 4 handyman-days are quoted at a fixed rather than a daily labor cost, to make your bill predictable.