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We’re all guilty of it. Very few of us take the time to clean and organize the area under the bathroom sink. But that’s what we’re going to talk about today! We want to show you that you did not, in fact, lose that beloved hair clip from 10 years ago. It’s still there. It’s probably just hiding behind the extra bottles of lotion and unused shampoo.

What You Will Need

So you’re really ready to take the plunge with us? It’s not going to be as bad as you think. No really! But you do need to gather a few things first. Preparing beforehand is the key to a successfully organized bathroom sink. So here’s what you’re going to need:

  • Bathroom Cleaner – Let’s kill the germs while we’re at it.
  • Paper Towels – To properly clean and dispose of the grime under there.
  • A tension rod that fits horizontally. (We’ll talk about alternative ideas as well.)
  • Shelving – To organize and increase the amount of storage.
  • Baskets – The key to clutter-free storage. Get creative and use decorative baskets!
  • Permanent Marker – To label your baskets.
  • Washi Tape – The perfect basket label.
  • An amazing makeup bag for your daily-use items.

The Purge

Okay. The first thing we need to do is get rid of those bottles that only have about a quarter inch left in the bottom. We’re obviously not going to make the most of those products and merge them with other bottles. So into the trash they go along with that deodorant you loved, but it didn’t work as well as you’d have liked and that broken makeup. You’ve already bought more, and there’s no saving it.

Clean and Deodorize

Use a cleaner that kills germs and will help deodorize the area under the sink. We’re going to be putting all of your stuff back under there, so it needs to be clean.

Use the Vertical Space

Okay, we mentioned two different ways to take advantage of the vertical space below the sink – a tension rod and shelving. You may be able to make use of both if the area under the sink is big enough.

  • Let’s start with shelving. You can buy adjustable wire shelving for about $7 a shelf. This works perfectly to add a single layer of space. They don’t usually stack well, but you can get creative and stack them as long as you have something solid on the corners.
  • Try using a tension rod for things that hang. You can hang cleaners and several other things from a tension rod to make the most of the vertical space.

Label Your Baskets

Create labels using your permanent marker and washi tape. Label at least four baskets and start organizing your stuff. Splurge a little and use decorative baskets. It really does make a difference in how it makes you feel when you look at your newly organized – and decorated – space.

Daily Use Items

You can use a unique basket or an amazing makeup bag for your daily use items. We all have them. This is where you keep your face wash, moisturizer, favorite lotion, deodorant, and possibly even your makeup. You’ll be looking at and using this basket or bag on a daily basis, so get one you love!

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