Offices are busy places. During business hours, employees and clients tend to be coming and going quickly, getting things done and trying to stay ahead of the game. While being busy is generally a good sign for the business, it can make it tricky to have the necessary repairs and upgrades completed that are sure to be required from time to time.

To fit in those important repair tasks without disrupting the flow of business, contact Checklist for assistance. We are proud to offer NYC office maintenance and repair services with quick turnaround times and fair prices. Call or request a quote online today!

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Office Furniture Assembly

Ordering new furniture for the office can be a great way to treat your employees to an upgraded space, or it may be necessary to expand and make room for new workers. But who is going to assemble the furniture you have purchased?

Your employees may not be knowledgeable in this kind of work, and they have enough on their plate as it is. With a quick call to Checklist, you can schedule help for your office furniture assembly needs. The work will be completed quickly, and you can be sure it will be done right the first time.

Prompt Door Repair

Virtually every office is going to have a number of doors built into the design. These doors allow private conversations to remain private, and certain parts of the office to be separated from others. Most of the time, your doors will work just fine. But when they give you trouble, simply call Checklist to schedule repair work. Having your door issues resolved quickly will let you get back to business in no time at all.

Bathroom Repair & Maintenance

Any building that houses a large number of workers for eight hours per day is going to need properly functioning restroom facilities. In fact, problems with your bathroom sinks and toilets are one of the most pressing matters you’ll have in the office from a repair perspective.

You simply can’t let a problem like this linger, as it could become a sanitary issue, as well as an employee morale issue. As soon as you are notified that a repair is needed in one or more of the bathrooms on site, contact Checklist to make a plan.

Cleaning Services

We offer cleaning services as well and are happy to set up a regular cleaning schedule that won’t interfere with your daily operations.

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Thank you for considering Checklist for all your office repair and maintenance needs. We look forward to serving you!

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