Have your home theatre installed professionally, efficiently, and correctly with Checklist Home Services. Save yourself the time and effort of setting up your home theatre on your own. When you hire our team, we’ll quickly complete your installation and eliminate the risk of an incorrect installation. Get a quote for our home theatre setup service in NYC today!

What To Expect

One of our handymen will arrive at your home at the time you request. Working with your vision, we will connect your system to the closest outlets and arrange your devices to your liking. Once the setup is complete and it perfectly aligns with your specifications, our handyman will also connect your devices to your Wi-Fi or any other apps that are required for use. We ask that you be onsite during the installation to ensure proper setup! Just like that, your home theatre is complete.

We Do It All

You need somewhere to sit if you want to enjoy your new home theater. If your living room furniture also requires assembly, we offer assembly services to help you put your pieces together. We also offer electrical services and are willing to assist you with small jobs, such as minimal wiring, to help you set up your theatre. Or, if you’re simply in need of maintenance to your current home system, we’d be happy to take a look!

Request A Quote

Leave home theatre setups to the experts here at Checklist Home Services. Save yourself time and effort when you hire one of our professionals for the job! Rather than spending hours trying to set up your system on your own, our handymen will assemble and install everything in a breeze. Request a quote for your home theatre today!