Many homeowners are handy around the house. If that sounds like you, some of the home repair tasks that come up from time to time are probably things you can deal with on your own. And that’s great! But when there is more significant work to be done, you may want to hire a professional to do the job. One task that’s often left best to the experts is carpentry. For assistance with your wood fixtures and furnishings, schedule a Checklist NYC handyman carpenter today!

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So Many Possibilities

Our experienced handymen provide a range of carpentry services to help your home look its best. Whether you want to add a beautiful mantle to your living room or want to renovate a bathroom, we can get the job done right. Don’t hold back on starting a project because you don’t have the ability to perform the carpentry work yourself. Simply contact Checklist to get in touch with someone who does.

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Kitchen & Bath

Kitchen and bathrooms are our specialty. Whether you want to install custom cabinets or repair existing fixtures, we will walk you through your options and deliver timely, professional service. We understand that the cabinets in your kitchen and baths need to function properly, and they also need to look great. Cabinets draw a lot of attention because they are such a prominent piece of the room in those areas of the house, so make sure yours are something to be proud of.

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Crown Molding

Another common carpentry job we are hired for is crown molding installation and repair. It’s natural over time for crown molding to warp and take damage—especially if you live in a bustling household. But that doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. We can complete the job in a number of styles and finishings, so you can restore the look of your home in no time.

Shelving & Assembly

We are also happy to assist with creating custom shelving for your space. You’ll be surprised what a simple shelf can do to put together a room, while creating additional storage space. We can also help you put together your furniture pieces. Check out our furniture assembly page for more info.

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