Assembly of any kind can be difficult. Even the simplest items often come in hundreds of pieces with three pages of instruction. Parts mysteriously go missing, and one incorrectly placed screw can ruin the entire assembly. You especially want everything to go smoothly when you’re putting together your bed! You can trust our team at Checklist Home Services to properly and quickly handle your bed assembly in NYC. Request a quote today!

Put Assembly To Rest

Over time, you’re sure to have assembled countless items, each time becoming more frustrating than the last. When it comes to your bed, there’s no need for frustration. Don’t let your cozy new bed cause you stress. Instead, let a handyman from our team do the assembly so you can simply enjoy it! It’s time to put assembly to rest once and for all. Sit back and let Checklist Home Services take care of this tedious task for you!

Are You Moving?

Did you know that we also offer moving services? Before we assemble your bed in your new home, we can also help you pack your belongings, move them to your car, and then unpack them in your new home (transportation is not included in our moving services). Once your furniture is in place, you’ll have a better vision of where you’d like your bed to go. We’ll assemble it in its perfect spot to complete your room in your new home.

Request A Quote

Consider using our bed assembly service to ensure your bed is ready for your next rest. One of our handymen will have it put together in no time! Your bed should never cause you frustration—keep it that way when you call in the experts. Request a quote today!