A properly functioning air conditioner is key to an enjoyable summer. If the A/C in your New York City home isn’t running efficiently and effectively, you could find yourself sweating well into September. Whether you need an air conditioner installed or repaired, the professionals from Checklist are ready to help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

Required Experience And Knowledge For Installation

While there are a few home DIY projects you can tackle, installing or repairing an air conditioning unit is unlikely to be one of them. Unless you’re trained in this field, it’s best to leave this kind of work to a professional.

Not only could you harm the air conditioning unit if you make a mistake, but you could harm yourself as well. Between the risk of financial loss and the risk of physical harm, it’s simpler to contract this work out to someone who can complete it safely, quickly, and

A Priority On Secure Mounting

Depending on the type of air conditioning unit and the design of your home, your new unit may need to be mounted on the side of the building next to a window. If so, it’s crucial that the unit is secured properly and in no danger of falling to the ground below. Air conditioning units can be heavy, so an insufficiently supported unit is a recipe for disaster. With an experienced air conditioning installer working for
you, proper mounting will be a top priority.

Repairs For Your Current Unit

In addition to installing new A/C units, Checklist can also provide support for broken units. Whether it’s not running at all or is barley producing cool air, you need your unit running at full strength to deal with the heat of a New York summer. Let us get your unit back to its full potential right away!

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Beat the heat this summer when you use Checklist to install or repair an air conditioning unit. Don’t wait until the forecast calls for soaring temperatures to take care of this job. Be proactive and contact us now before the next heatwave.