by checklist

paint chip handyman for hire flyerI hear a lot of the same questions from potential handymen and women all the time. Am I hiring right now? What kind of work do we do? Do I need seasonal or temporary help occasionally? I love talking to potential employees, because I like to see where their passions lie. Are you interested in a position with us? We may not be hiring at the very moment you talk to me, but please leave me your information so I can reach out if you’re needed in the future. I’m always on the lookout for trades-people and crafty people.

Answers to Job Related Questions

Am I hiring right now? That is generally a loaded question because we do stay very busy. Sometimes I’d love to just say YES and hire everyone because I love the work so much, and love seeing new people meld into their perfect spot in the company. Unfortunately, I have to make sure I have the work flow to support more employees before I make such a commitment. I might not be hiring when we initially talk, but by all means, leave your information with me, and I’ll be in touch when I need your services.

What kind of work do we do? Another incredibly loaded question! We build things, fix things, paint things, clean things, and organize things; we do a lot of things! We work for homeowners, renters, and commercial property owners as well.

Do I need seasonal or temporary help occasionally? Yes! That’s why I ask that you leave your information with me in case something pops up that is in your wheelhouse.

Types of People We Hire

We’re constantly on the lookout for people who are team players. We enjoy working with people who have honed their craft to perfection and enjoy every moment spent working at it. Whether it’s painting, sanding, caulking, assembling, tiling, or any variety of other home improvement related craft; keep us in mind when you’re looking for a job.

Keep Checklist Home Services in mind when you’re considering a career in the home improvement field. We are always on the lookout for talented people who enjoy a challenging and rewarding atmosphere. Our existing teams are extremely good at what they do, and always enjoy seeing new people join our ranks.