Checklist Home Services provides handyman services to busy NYC-area households. Our handymen are broadly experienced in the trades, with strong communication and customer service skills. We improve our clients’ homes. And their weekends!

We seek handymen who are looking for a long-term career with opportunity for growth. Successful Checklist employees bring their hands, head, and heart to the job. If you just want to punch a clock, this isn’t the job for you.

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Independent Handyman vs Team Player

Many individual contractors and handymen love their independence, but when it comes to marketing themselves and scheduling  jobs, it feels like juggling plates. If you are tired of hustling to find your next job or invoicing customers, you might consider applying for a position with us. We’re always looking for great craftspeople, especially skilled men and woman who appreciate administrative support and the experience of their teammates.

I used to hustle for jobs. Every time I was on a job, my head was thinking about the next gig – how to get it. At Checklist, I just think about the job at hand. I didn’t get into handyman work to market myself. I just want to fix things!

– Ian, Checklist Handyman