by checklist

When the kitchen gets an update, the cabinets are usually among the items that get changed. This does not always mean that they are damaged in any way, so that means that they can be used for another purpose, often with some basic refinishing. Here are some easy and low cost ways to make use of old cabinets instead of throwing them out.

  • Toy chest – place a cabinet on its back so the doors will be at the top and you will have an instant toy chest for children. Repaint it to give it the perfect look, and add special hinges so they can open it safely.
  • Table – an old cabinet can be more than just a storage solution. You can easily convert an old one into a table if it is big enough. In spaces like garages or workshops, an old cabinet can double as a worktable and storage space. By adding casters you will be able to move it around, making it even more convenient for cramped garages.
  • Sofa with storage – you will need three or more old kitchen cabinets to make this work. Connect them at the sides using screws. Some bracing will be necessary to support weight, but make sure they are the right height to be able to sit comfortably. You have the option of placing them flat on the floor or attaching short legs at the base. Old cabinets can also be used as storage benches for your outdoor deck.
  • Recreation room cabinet – there is no need to buy or build new cabinets for a recreational are if you are changing kitchen cabinets. Install them wherever you need to have the most convenient access to supplies or craft items. Casters will make them portable, or you can fix them to the floor to use as a workstation.
  • Shoe storage – use an old cabinet to store and organize your shoes in your closet. Adjustments to the shelves will allow you to put more shoes inside. You can add a drawer or two for keeping socks and other small items.

An old cabinet can be used as an organizer in any part of the home where it is needed. A home office or a laundry room can always benefit from spaces to keep the items you will need close at hand. Wherever you will use your old cabinets, choose the right color to blend with the rest of the space.

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