by checklist

We’ve been pretty busy this summer here at Checklist Home Services. Today I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about some of the jobs we’ve done, and maybe give you some home improvement project ideas. All of the ideas I’m going to mention today are indoor projects so you can plan for them later this year, considering it is August already!

Bathroom Projects

Sink Faucets: We don’t want to go shopping for you, but we will install any new bathroom sink faucet you purchase. We feel that doing the shopping for you takes away from your ability to design your bathroom as you see fit. We want you to thoroughly enjoy your home improvements, not be sorry that we picked out something you hate.

Light Switches and Electrical Covers: Again, we don’t want to shop for these ourselves, but we will install any type of light switch, outlet, or cover you choose. Designer covers aren’t an issue. Our professional home improvement technicians will install them for you.

Shelving: Painted shelving, metal shelving – it doesn’t matter. We understand that installing shelving can be very intimidating because one small mistake can make it look horrible and completely nonfunctional.

Caulking and Grout: We do provide caulk and grout because we can’t really go wrong as long as we use high quality materials; which is always our professional choice. If you have a specific color or brand you’d prefer to use, please let us know ahead of time.

Kitchen Projects

Sink Faucets: Kitchen sink faucet designs vary from person to person as well, so please do the shopping for your new faucet before we arrive to replace it. We don’t shop for faucets for you because our tastes may vary from yours.

Drains: We replace kitchen and bathroom drains, but we don’t do heavy plumbing work. Please call in advance to see if we perform the type of work you need. Regular cleaning and clog work isn’t usually an issue.

Light Switches and Electrical Covers: The installation of kitchen light switches, faces, and electrical outlets and covers isn’t a problem for our professional home improvement experts. We ask that you do all of the shopping ahead of time though.

Drawers and Cabinets: We regularly repair and refinish drawers and cabinets. We will repair, sand and stain them or paint them according to the look you’re looking to achieve.

Other Rooms

Bookshelves: Bookshelves we’ve worked on this summer range from custom designed, built-in, full-wall units to boxed units from your local packaged furniture store. No project is too big or too small!

Painting: Interior painting isn’t something every homeowner is comfortable doing on their own. We understand that; after all, not every homeowner has drop cloths, floor coverings, and masking tape just lying around waiting to be used. Our home improvement technicians will make sure your furnishings are perfectly protected before they begin any interior painting project.

Closets: We design, build, and remodel closets of all shapes and sizes. We make sure that every inch of storage space is accessible and usable in the new closet design.

Home Improvement in Brooklyn

Nearly all of our clients come back to us time after time because of the professional way in which their home improvement projects are handled. Our technicians focus on top quality customer service and the highest quality workmanship for the duration of every project. Give us a call any time to discuss your home improvement projects in the Brooklyn area.