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If you have decided to sell your home or condo, you may want to perform a few essential tasks first so you can get the maximum price from a potential buyer. A few little touch-ups can make the home seem more valuable than it would if you’d just left things alone.

Take this example of one homeowner whose two-bed home had been valued at around $170,000. The real estate agent recommended that he paint the two bedrooms a neutral color and make a few other small changes to the home to secure a higher price. He set about hiring a couple of friends and offered them cash for turning his home into a well-decorated, newly designed home that potential buyers would love.

Cheap Home Improvements to Increase Value

  • Paint: A good coat of paint goes a long way in preparing your home for sale. Old paint, or paint with scuffs or other damage, looks bad and gives people the impression that you didn’t care for the home while you lived there. Fresh paint looks great, smells good, and gives the appearance of a well-cared-for home.
  • Avoid Cooking the Day before a Showing: Little things like smells are important too. Don’t cook bacon, fish, or other foods that leave behind strong odors the day before an open house or a scheduled showing. The taste is great but the smell does not bode well with a potential buyer.
  • Remove Personalization: Removing personal photos is important too. Nobody wants to see your family snaps mounted on the television set or hanging on the walls. Hang neutral artwork or simply leave the walls bare instead. This allows potential buyers to imagine their own pictures on the walls and their own decor customizing the home.
  • Professional Inspection: Leave a copy of a professional inspection on the counter so people can take it with them when they go. This will keep your home in their mind each time they see the inspection, and allow them to make a more informed decision with the understanding that they do not need to hire a home inspector to ensure the property is in good shape.
  • Regular Maintenance and Repairs: Take a look at your normal honey-do list and make sure all of the maintenance and repair tasks are thoroughly taken care of. Potential home buyers want to see a home that has been properly maintained and cared for before they plan to sign a contract.
  • Thoroughly Clean: Clean all of the cabinets, closets, and appliances thoroughly the day before an open house or scheduled showing. Keep the home as clean as possible throughout the selling process. Give us a call if you would like to schedule a very thorough cleaning and repair day before you put your home up for sale.

Take a look at our quote request form and let us know how many of these tasks we can take care of for you before you put your home on the market. We can even take care of the issues you’ve discussed with your real estate agent. Give us a call at 347-695-1882 to schedule a consultation or discuss the details.