by checklist

Looking at your honey-do list can be intimidating. It’s especially intimidating if you’ve been procrastinating for the last month… or six. Today I want to talk about procrastination and how you can get through your honey-do list more quickly. So read this today. Don’t put it off till tomorrow.

Break it Up

Don’t try to do everything in a single day, or even a single weekend. Your list isn’t going anywhere, unfortunately, so don’t let it bug you. Break it up into categories or rooms to make things easier. Let’s break up a dirty kitchen as an example:

1.    Empty the dishwasher of clean dishes.

2.    Load the dirty dishes into the dishwasher and start it.

3.    Put away boxes of cereal or other items left on the counter tops.

4.    Clean the stove.

5.    Wipe down counter tops.

6.    Sweep the floor.

7.    Mop the floor.

This outline is a very simple quick clean obviously, but you get the idea.

Remove Distractions

Don’t turn the television or computer on, and leave the tablet on the coffee table. Start your music playlist on your phone, put the earbuds in your ears, and get started. Allow yourself short breaks while working so you don’t become bored or feel like you’re beating your head against the wall.

Recruit Help

As with everything else, it’s ok to ask for help. Call your best friend and make a deal to help each other with tasks so they get done more quickly. You’ll likely find that things you hate doing, your cleaning partner may not mind doing, and vice versa.

Stop Over-Complicating Tasks

I understand how some things get pushed to the bottom of the honey-do list repeatedly. You look at the list and decide which items you’re going to complete today, and proceed to sort them from easiest to perceived-hardest. Instead of doing that, reread steps one through current – break it up into steps, remove distractions, recruit help, and stop over-complicating it.

Get it Over-With

Once it’s done, it’s done (until next time), right? Some tasks are recurring, like laundry, dishes, general cleaning, and cleaning the floors. Those things simply can’t be avoided for long, unless you’re okay with living in a pig sty. Other tasks are completed when they’re done, like building those shelves for the closet, or hanging new curtains.

Hire it Out

If you really just can’t stop procrastinating and want someone else to perform the mundane tasks on your honey-do list, hire someone. Call us to talk about your dreaded honey-do list items, and to request a quote. Our workers are professional, punctual, and will tear through your toughest honey-do list with ease. We often work in teams so we have more than one person tackling your list.