The need for maintenance work in a hotel is constant. With guests coming and going day after day, it’s inevitable that things will break down from time to time—and some things will be damaged by the guests themselves. Let’s be honest, most people don’t treat a hotel room with the same respect and care they give their own home, so repair work is needed frequently. For reliable NYC hotel maintenance & repair services, contact Checklist today for assistance.

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Prompt Wall Repair

One of the most common repairs to be required in a hotel involves drywall. The walls of a hotel room can take quite a beating. You don’t want to leave damaged drywall for long before having repairs completed.

The damage may result from guests getting a little too rowdy in their rooms, or just from accidents that occur when moving luggage in and out. Whatever the case, to make sure you impress future guests with the quality of your room, contact Checklist today for drywall repair work.

Furniture Assembly Services

If you are opening up a new hotel, or if you are in the process of updating your current property, it might be necessary to have furniture assembled and put in place. In a facility with hundreds of rooms, this can be a time-consuming task, and you may not have the staff available to get it done. We offer professional furniture assembly services to make quick work of this important task.

Solve Restroom Problems

No hotel guest is going to be happy with a restroom that isn’t functioning properly. The toilet, sink, and shower need to be working appropriately for your guests to have a good experience. Plumbing problems and other issues are sure to come up from time to time, so those will need to be solved right away to keep business on track. We’re here to help.

Keep the Paint Fresh

It takes a lot of paint to coat the interior of a large hotel. That paint is going to be damaged from time to time, and it is going to fade as the years pass. With professional painting services from Checklist, you can breathe new life into the look of your building quickly and easily.

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