It’s hard to think of a setting where repair work would be more urgent than a hospital. With the goal of providing the best possible patient care in mind, it’s important that hospitals stay current with maintenance and repair needs to ensure the facility is able to provide whatever the medical team needs to serve each patient successfully. With a range of NYC hospital maintenance & repair services available, Checklist is the perfect partner for this kind of work. Call today!

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Keep the Lights On

In a building as large and complex as a hospital, there are sure to be thousands of light bulbs. Keeping those lights in proper working order is a crucial task, as lighting is necessary to allow the medical staff to do their work safely and successfully day after day. Checklist can provide light bulb changing service to make sure no parts of the hospital are left in the dark. Some of your light bulbs that need to be replaced may be hard to access, so our professionals will come equipped with the gear necessary to get the job done.

Correct Plumbing Issues

Hospitals also have extensive plumbing to deliver water to nearly every room in the building. When something goes wrong with the plumbing, either on a small or large scale, the problem will need to be corrected as soon as possible. Call on the experienced handymen at Checklist to deal with plumbing problems that are impacting the function of your facility.

Flooring Repair

One of the many important components within a busy hospital is the floor. Patients are often transported from place to place by rolling their beds, so the floor needs to be smooth and suitable for an easy roll from one place to the next. If a portion of the floor in your hospital has become damaged and needs to be repaired, Checklist is here to help.

New Paint on Occasion

You probably won’t need to have the hospital repainted frequently, but the paint is going to fade and incur damage as the years go by. To have a few select areas repainted, or to put a plan in place to have the entire interior covered in a fresh coat, reach out to Checklist to learn more about our painting services.

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To learn more about what we can provide in terms of hospital repair and maintenance, reach out today for more information. We are excited to serve you!

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