by checklist

If you are throwing a party this month or hosting friends and family for the holidays, prepping your home is key. In this series, we tackle holiday home prep room-by-room.
We’ll ensure… 1. there is space for your friend’s lovely homemade cake 2. you have a water-resistant spot for your dad’s snow-dusted boots 3. your bathtub grout doesn’t gross anyone out 4. the guest space is stocked and simply furnished.

Today, we offer a few quick tips for prepping your living room:

tip 1

Declutter the surfaces! Guests will need a clean space to set down their plate of food or glass of bubbly. Take a look at your side and coffee tables. Are they covered with magazines or remote controllers? Find a storage box for them while you entertain.


tip 2

Prepare for your elders! Often the most overlooked area of your home is your stairs. If you are hosting anyone who has trouble getting up and down stairs, make sure any stair treads are in good condition and that all the steps are even and smooth. Installing a grip bar in the bathroom can also make a huge difference.

tip 3

Make sure the space is warm – literally! Have you considered insulating your windows for the winter? Simple insulation decreases your heating costs. You can also bring out the curtains. Installing curtain rods and putting up heavier draps will ensure no one gets the draft.

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