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In Handyman Horoscope, we explore the meaning of your zodiac sign in light of your household to-do list. Once a month, we forewarn you of the booby traps just waiting to ruin your perfectly good weekend, as well as highlight the DIY projects you might consider. Before you pick up a wrench or decide to mount that TV, read this.

LIBRA (Sept 23-Oct 22)

In both work and play, you look for peace and harmony. Librans often say “yes” when they should be saying “no” –– like when your wife asked to you mount those IKEA shelves on Saturday (what’s up with IKEA instructions, anyways?!) Or, let’s face it, you’re kicking yourself for promising to paint the back bedroom, assuring yourself that it would be “fun.” What’s fun about standing on a ladder, cocking your head up to the ceiling for an hour while you blue-tape the edges? I’ll tell you what’s fun. Fun is having someone else do it.

Nevertheless, you are uber organized and want the scissors/broom/nail clippers in the place where it is supposed to be, because you feel most at ease when things are clean and tidy. For a DIY project, consider a quick clean-fest with your stove top. Martha Stewart gives great advice for a spotless stove. Or perhaps more up your alley, purchase some of these lovely kitchen knobs and give your kitchen or bathroom a whole new look!