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How To Make a Mistletoe Kissing Ball, from Southern Living

Getting your home ready for the holiday can be easy if you make a checklist of what is to be done. You could also tackle it room by room by determining what you want to do in each room. So let’s look at some easy ways to get your house ready for the festive season.

The Living Room

If you use carpets, make sure to get them professionally cleaned if they are not at their best. Reposition living room furniture for a cozier look and one that will make having conversations easier. Also consider placing low tables close to seating areas so guests have somewhere to place their drinks.

Make the living room festive by placing holiday decorations such as Christmas stockings on top of mantels. String festive lights along banisters or use votive candles to give a nice scent to room.

The Bedrooms

Make sure bedding is clean and adequate. In fact, placing an extra blanket at the foot of the bed ensures that there is always a way to keep warm on very cold nights. If you have a guest bedroom, make sure that it is comfy and has clean and warm bedding.

The Kitchen

If you plan on entertaining, make sure that all appliances are in good condition. You may even need to put in additional storage if you have plans to entertain.

The Bathroom

This may be the right time to replace wall and floor tiles. You should also make sure that there is adequate ventilation.

Change out towels for festive ones, and if you are expecting guests to use your main bathroom and not just the one in the guestrooms, have adequate supplies such as clean bath towels and hand towels.

The Entrance Way

Nothing shows that you are all ready for the holidays than a warm and welcoming doorway. Wreaths and holiday lights speak louder than words. In addition, you need to keep safety in mind by making sure to keep entrance ways clear of ice and snow.

Add extra hooks or racks by the door for coats and boots as you don’t want your doorway to be littered with these items when welcoming guests.

General Preparations

When preparing your house for the holiday, make sure to do a general cleaning. Wash windows and clean walls where needed. If there are ceiling fans, make sure to put them in the reverse position in winter to help with keeping the rooms warm. You should also use this time to clear and de-clutter your home.

To reduce holiday stress and prevent yourself from being too tired to enjoy the holiday, start preparing early so you can take your time. Take advantage of our first-time customer incentive of 10% off of your first service call by calling us at 347-695-1882 and scheduling a half day or whole day handyman service and we can help prepare your home for holiday decorations.