What kind of floors do you have in your home? There are many possibilities, of course, including tiles, hardwood, laminate, carpet, and others. If your home is like most others, you probably have a combination of flooring types which come together to complete the space. For NYC floor installation & repair services at a fair price, contact Checklist right away for more information. We’d love to serve you!

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Wood Floor Repairs

There is plenty to love about a hardwood floor. This type of flooring looks beautiful, is relatively easy to clean, and can last for decades. On the downside, it is possible to damage a hardwood floor during your daily activities. This can happen, for example, when you drop something heavy or drag an item across the surface. If your beautiful hardwood floor is in need of some repairs to restore its former glory, contact Checklist today for assistance. Of course, if you decide that your floor is beyond repair and is due for a replacement, we’ll be happy to handle the installation job, too!

Tile Installation Services

While tile flooring can be used anywhere in a home, it is particularly common in two specific rooms: the kitchen and the bathroom. If you are renovating your kitchen or bath and would like to have a beautiful tile floor installed as part of the job, we are ready to help. Tile is great in these spaces because of the way it handles water and the durability it provides. If you already have tile floors in place and some repairs are needed—even something as simple as grout cleaning and repair—Checklist is just a call away.

Laminate Flooring

If you haven’t noticed, laminate floors have become tremendously popular in recent years. Laminate flooring tends to cost significantly less than hardwood, yet it offers homeowners many of the same benefits. It is also more durable than hardwood in most cases, making it an appealing option for families with small children or pets. To make sure your laminate floor is installed properly from the start, call Checklist for help with the project.

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Your flooring is one of the most noticeable and important elements of your home. Whether you would like to have all-new flooring installed, or you would simply like to have floor repairs completed in a few key spots, the first step is to contact the professional team at Checklist. Thanks for visiting!

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