Most likely, the interior of your home is finished with drywall. If that drywall becomes damaged, repairs can be difficult to perform for the average homeowner. Fortunately, Checklist offers drywall repair and installation services, so you can bring in an experienced pro to handle the job!

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Prompt Drywall Repair

Drywall can suffer damage for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you were trying to carry a large piece of furniture up the stairs and accidentally punched a hole in the wall. Or maybe your kids were playing a little too hard in the living room and the drywall suffered the consequences. Whatever the case, Checklist offers professional drywall repair and finishing services to restore your walls as soon as possible. Because of the various ways in which drywall can be damaged, it’s important to work with an experienced professional who knows how to handle this kind of work.

Fresh Coat of Paint

Along with drywall repair often comes the task of repainting a wall—or an entire room. If you’d rather not deal with the painting chore yourself, or if you simply don’t have time, we can help here as well. The quality of a paint job depends on the attention to detail given to that job, along with the experience of the painter. To come away with something that you can love for years to come, trust a Checklist handyman with the work.

New Drywall Installation

When completing a new room, such as finishing a basement, you will likely need to have drywall installed. This is yet another task that can be difficult for the DIY minded homeowner to handle. There are a few different steps involved with installing new drywall, and you need to get them all right if you are going to finish the project successfully. Checklist can provide you with a drywall handyman who knows how to complete an install and has done it many times before.

Hanging Pictures & Art

While drywall can look great when textured and painted, you probably don’t want to leave it bare throughout your home. Instead, you will want to hang things on the walls to add interest and a personal touch. We’ll be glad to help you get all of your pieces up on the wall for you.

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