It’s easy to overlook the doors in your home—that is, until one of them isn’t working properly. Doors don’t often need repair, but when they do, it’s important to have the work handled promptly and professionally. For trustworthy NYC handyman door repair & installation services, contact Checklist right away!

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A Smooth Swing

Are any of the doors in your home getting stuck as they travel from the open to closed position and back again? If your doors are not swinging as freely as they once did, a few things could be going wrong. The hinges may need to be replaced, or the door itself may have warped as a result of years of temperature and moisture changes. Whatever the case, the professional handyman at Checklist will be able to assess the situation and provide the necessary repairs.

Easy Pet Access

Door installation services don’t have to be limited to the passageways used by humans. If you have a pet that you would like to have access to an outside space, a pet door is a great solution. A properly installed pet door makes it easy for your furry friend to come and go without needing your help. Pet doors can be installed many types of doors, so contact us right away for assistance with this fun project.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

For doors that are still working properly but don’t look as nice as they once did, a coat of paint may be the perfect solution. But here’s the thing—painting a door is not necessarily as simple as painting a wall in your home, which is a job you might decide to tackle on your own. Doors tend to have surfaces that can be hard to paint properly without the right experience and equipment. For results you will love, trust the job to a reliable handyman.

Shower Door Repair Projects

You may think first about the doors that let you move from one room to the next, but shower doors also play an important role in your home. If your current door is letting water escape, or if you’d just like a new door to improve the look of your bathroom, Checklist would be happy to serve you.

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