by checklist

In my last blog post I talked about avoiding procrastination and just getting things done. Today my thoughts are similar, but we’re going to talk about projects instead of your usual honey-do list items. Today instead of reminding you that you need to change the bulbs in the garage, I’m going to talk about the shelves that need to be assembled and hanged, or the closet that needs sorting and more shelves built, or replacing the stair rails. Yeah. That kind of project.

 Stop Over-Complicating

I realize that you’ve been putting that big project off for quite a while, but now it’s time to act on it and stop over-complicating it in your mind. You’ll discover that most of the time it’s only complicated in your head because you’re over-thinking due to lack of experience. Look online for videos of the project being done so you have a better understanding of it, and then jump into it feet first.

Time Management

Work on the big rocks first. You know the story of the professor who put rocks into a jar and asked the students in his classroom if it was full, and then he proceeded to add sand and water to show them that more could indeed fit. That’s how you should attack the big projects on your honey-do list.

Select the biggest project first, whether it’s interior painting or landscaping the entire lawn. Break it down into steps, like I mentioned in my last blog post, and sort them out step by step. Each step may have sub-steps to make sure the entire project is done correctly.

Realize and Accept Stages

Every project can be broken down and completed in stages. All you have to do is learn to be okay with the between stages. What are between stages? A between stage is defined as any step during the project that is after the beginning and before the end. I’m not saying you need to be okay with living in a constant construction zone, but just be okay in the between stages for short periods of time.

Ask for Help

Instead of tackling every large project entirely on your own, ask a friend for help. If you’re new to the area, and don’t have any friends yet, hire someone. Handyman services are listed in the phone directory, or a quick internet search away. You don’t have to take on every item on your honey-do list alone.

Just a Phone Call Away

Here at Checklist Home Services, we have a variety of workers who perform a myriad of tasks. We employ people who enjoy cleaning and organizing as well as those who love handyman type work. Give us a call to talk about your honey-do list and your bigger projects as well. We’ll help knock them out quickly.