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Reading nook in master bedroomSometimes changing the color scheme and dealing with other decorative touches is enough to revitalize the look of a bedroom. If your space is seriously outdated and even cramped, here are some changes you can make to freshen and brighten things up.

Storage Space

One thing you will definitely want to avoid having in your master bedroom is clutter. If this is a problem, you will need to have adequate storage space. The wrong type and number of cabinets and shelves could cause the bedroom to feel cramped. However, with some the right design, you can get enough storage space without the cramped feeling. You can also consider building a bigger closet or adding drawers and shelves to your bed or an unobtrusive corner of the room. You can also get storage boxes that can fit under the bed.

A Reading Area

If you want a place to retreat to for some quiet reading, the bedroom is the perfect spot. The ability to put your feet up while reading a good book can increase the comfort factor by leaps and bounds. All you need is a small table with a footstool or ottoman to start getting through your reading list. If space allows, consider creating a personal reading nook by a window, in a corner, or even in a corner of the oversized walk-in closet.

More Natural Light

Plenty of natural light creates a pleasant atmosphere and it will help you to keep you in a positive mood before you go to bed. You might have to consider installing a window to achieve this, but it’s absolutely feasible. You can use light bulbs that imitate natural light if installing a window isn’t an option, like if you’re in a rental unit.

Renovate for Space

One of the most distinctive features of master bedrooms is their size. Even if your home is not large, you will want the bedroom to have a bit of extra room. This is the most challenging and expensive project for a master bedroom, but it can solve any space issues you have. Larger space will also expand your range of interior design options.

The Master Bedroom Sanctuary

To make your master bedroom feel like the sanctuary it is supposed to be, you should pay special attention to the color choices, textures used, and the type of lighting. It is rare for anyone to make changes to the master bedroom without doing some work on the bathroom as well. Keep this in mind if you decide that your master bedroom needs some updating.

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