Having access to a private outdoor space is a great privilege. On a beautiful summer evening, there are few better ways to pass the time than sitting out on the patio or deck with some tasty food and a cold beverage. To make sure you enjoy these moments to the fullest, work with Checklist to make your deck or patio space everything you would like it to be. Call us today for deck repair services in NYC!

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Address Your Deck Issues

If you have had your deck or patio in place for many years, it’s likely that some repairs are in order. These may be minor in nature, but putting them off can lead to bigger problems. Whether it is a broken board or railing on a deck, or a cracked patio, Checklist can provide the help you need. By bringing in a deck handyman to deal with the issues, you can avoid larger repairs down the line.

Add A Beautiful Finish

This is another service that can become necessary as the years add up. Over time, the weather will take its toll on your deck, and you may find that a new coat of stain or paint is required. Contact Checklist for information on our NYC deck repair services to have this work completed in a timely and professional manner.

You may decide to simply have the same type of stain applied again to freshen up the look, or you might want to change things up and go with a new color entirely! Whatever the case, this is a cost-effective way to make your deck feel like new again.

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Install A Deck

Do you have outdoor space available that’s not currently being put to use? A beautiful deck or patio is a great way to take advantage of that valuable space, and Checklist would be proud to help bring that vision to life. We’ll work with you to build a plan and put it together.

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Thank you for considering Checklist for your deck and patio installation and repair needs. Whether you are hoping to have a brand-new deck constructed, or you simply want to have your old deck or patio refinished, count on us to assist. Contact our team today to get started!

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