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Recycling is all the rage and for good reason, it helps to protect the environment. Another good reason is that reclaimed material can make interesting household items. One great way to repurpose industrial piping is to use it to make shelves. If you have a small space, you can create a built-in shelf using industrial pipes. In fact, these kinds of shelving fit neatly into the Reclaim-a-Space craze.

Because it is supported by studs on the wall and made of metal, these kinds of shelving are also quite strong. They can also serve multiple purposes such as working as a bookshelf or display stand for pictures and mementos. You can also use these industrial pipe shelves to support your television set or to stack DVDs and Blu-Ray discs. If you need additional storage in a walk-in closet or you want to create hidden storage, built-in shelving using industrial pipe framing is the ticket.

The beauty of industrial pipe shelving is that you can make them yourself. Of course, you need to determine the space you want to use and the size of the shelving unit. You also need to ensure that you have enough support for the base, which is normally made of wood, so that they do not sag when heavy objects are placed on them. When made correctly, these shelves are quite versatile. If you need another reason to use them, you will love the fact that they are easy to clean and require little to no maintenance.

Depending on the space available your shelf can be ceiling to floor or at the midway point. These industrial pipe shelving units suit a variety of purposes as you can use them for open concept kitchen storage, in your bathroom to store toiletries or your bedroom or living room for various knickknacks. You can get a custom pipe shelf based on just about any design. Best of all, you can build a shelf to suit your needs on a low budget.

When done properly, these shelves help to create interest and turn any room into a conversation piece while being utilitarian. With some creativity, built-in shelves made from industrial pipes can be very chic and trendy. Don’t be fooled by the name, the pipes and fittings are sold in many places such as stores that carry home improvement items. If you cannot find them yourself, ask around. If you are unsure about using them, you can get a professional to design and build the shelves for you.