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Having a baby is fun, but as your child grows you will need to make adjustments to the nursery. Once your baby is at the big kid stage, normally around three years old, you need to transit from nursery to a big kid’s room. Here are a few tips to help you make the transition almost seamlessly.

Switch the Crib

The first change is to switch out the crib for a bed. Beds with rails are a good choice since they provide protection for sleeping children who may roll and fall out to bed. Use rails that can be easily lowered if needed. Putting a throw pillow or two onto the bed will help to make it seem like a bed for a big kid. You can ask your child to help select the pillow for their bed.

Replace the Changing Table

You can either get rid of the changing table and get a dresser, or repurpose the changing table into a dresser. If your child is not fully potty trained, you can use a changing pad on the dresser or bed for those times when you need to change your child. There are also portable changing pads that you can easily fold up and put in a corner when not needed.

Painting and Wall Art

Consider including your big kid in the transitioning process. One way to include the child is to give him or her a choice of two or three colors to use in the room. This could be the color for just one wall, but this input will help the child connect to the changes to their nursery.

Put in artwork that will appeal to children such as shapes and animals. If your child loves trucks, then put up artwork with trucks. Your child can also help you choose the type of art they want.


This will be a definite need for a big kid’s room. You will need storage not only for clothes but also toys and games. A bookcase is also a nice addition; just make sure that it is sturdy and secure so there is no risk of it toppling over.


Big kids will want to change their own clothes, so make sure that they can safely reach them without having to climb up onto a chair. 

While doing the transition work, get your child involved. They have likely spent at least three years in their nursery, so they would have become attached to some aspect. When selecting the paint, get the child’s input. You could also allow your child to choose a painting to hang in the room.

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