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Neglected shower tile

Tiles are durable products that generally hold up well for years, but their location can sometimes cause problems with their durability. Moisture can be the enemy to even the most efficiently installed tiles. When this happens, the entire surface, whether it is your shower, walls, or floor, can eventually weaken. Since this risk is always present, you should know the signs that repairs of work may be necessary.

Grout Stains

This happens much easier than you would imagine. Unlike the tiles, grout is porous, so it has no trouble absorbing small amounts of any liquid applied to your tiles. Even cleaning solutions can eventually cause your grout to become discolored. The only way to avoid this is to have your grout sealed to protect against moisture intrusion. Do not make the mistake of buying the first sealant product you find, as some of them are not suitable for a variety of tiles and grout products. In fact, getting professional help is the best chance of success.

Leaks in the Shower

If you notice that water in the shower is seeping into the tiles, you could have an expensive problem on your hands at some point. While unsealed grout could be the cause, the underlying membrane could also be a factor. Inspect your shower tiles for cracks or signs of damage to the grout. Poor tile installation can also cause leaks in the shower.

Stained Tiles

Properly sealed and grouted tiles should not have any buildup. In some homes, a thin film may develop on bathroom tiles, and it can be difficult to remove. While cleaning products are often the culprit, there is always the chance that there is a leak. If water is able to get underneath the tiles, it will leave stains over time. In an effort to combat this, some homeowners use cleaning solutions that are wrong for their tiles, making the problem worse.


This is one of the biggest concerns for bathroom tiles and it is not easy to avoid. The water in the bathroom creates an ideal environment for mold and bacterial growth. When the area remains dry, this risk is significantly minimized. Even the smallest cracks in tiles or in the grout can create an opening for mold. At the first sign, have the tiles and the grout checked to see if any repair work is needed.

To avoid problems with your bathroom tiles, consult our experienced handymen to deal with the installation. If you suspect that there is a leak, check your shower or other parts of the bathroom as quickly as possible. Discolored tiles are more than a just a nuisance; they’re just plain ugly. They could also be a warning sign that all is not well in your bathroom, and quick action will mean spending less on repairs.

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