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Having a trash bin that is unobtrusive and attractive can help maintain your home’s curb appeal while being 100% functional. CitiBin has come to the rescue with their trendy trash enclosures that do the job without looking ugly or tacky.

These enclosures have undergone a redesign so that you can now purchase the kit and assemble the unit yourself. With these trash enclosures, you can say goodbye to banged-up and dirty overflowing garbage bins lining your sidewalk or front yard. So, if you have unsightly trash bins, it is time to make the move to CitiBin trash enclosures. Place your garbage bins and recycling containers out of sight in a CitiBin enclosure.

Eco-Friendly, Great Warranty, Attractive

These trash enclosures are durable and environmentally friendly. They are made from recycled bamboo and strengthened with a marine-grade aluminum frame won’t rust. These enclosures have a 5-year warranty period, so you know that they will last for years. This alone gives these enclosures a major advantage over other trash enclosures. Besides, other enclosures aren’t nearly as attractive.

Variety of Shapes

With three styles to choose from, L-shape, U-shape and straight, you are sure to find one that fits into the space you have. The design is also modern and sleek, s well as convenient. You also have a choice of colors, making it easy to find one that complements your house or fence. Color choices are caramel, charcoal, coffee, and slate.

Decorate and Camouflage

To top it off, you can get CitiBin trash enclosures with planters built-in so you can easily transform your yard with beautiful flowers and greenery.  The right type of plants can camouflage these trash enclosures, even though they don’t need to be hidden. In addition to serving the purposes listed above, CitiBin trash enclosures are also great for storing strollers, bicycles and other items. If you have been thinking of getting a composting bin and worry about how it will look, with a CitiBin trash enclosure, your worries are over. Just place the compost bin inside the enclosure to keep it protected and out of sight.

Take Out the Trash and Declutter

These trash enclosures make it possible to declutter your drive and walkways or even put your garage to better use. CitiBin trash bins are suitable not only suitable for residential homes but work great for apartments, condos, and even office complexes.

Convenient Delivery

You can conveniently order CitiBin units online and have them shipped directly to your home or office. They’re easy to assemble so you can have it delivered and assembled in the same day. Visit CitiBin online or give us a call at 347-549-4121 if you’re in Brooklyn, Manhattan, or the surrounding areas and have already ordered a CitiBin and just haven’t had the time to assemble it. Add it to your Honey-Do list and we’ll complete the whole list while we’re there.