by checklist

150406_southslopenews_300x140_blogheaderChecklist, CitiBin, and Liz are profiled in South Slope News:

“Neighbor Liz Picarazzi has her hands full. That’s because she’s in the business of taking your handiwork woes out of yours.

Picarazzi is the founder and CEO of Checklist Home Services, a handiwork service that she founded in 2011. While her clients are located throughout the city, she has a significant focus on our area and has garnered sterling reviews. And her strong marketing planning and business analysis has earned her thousands of clients before she even celebrated her company’s four-year anniversary.

In addition to CHS, Picarazzi is also an inventor of an attractive trash enclosure called CitiBin. The bins are made of recycled bamboo and aluminum, prevents the eyesore and smell of garbage, and comes with a 10-year warranty to boot. You’re likely to see them in our neighborhood because the venture grew 10-fold in 2015, primarily from sales to single- and multi-family homes, coops, and condos.

CitiBin has been featured in both Dwell and Martha Stewart.

We took some time to catch up with Picarazzi to ask her about how she got all this started, her commitment to the community, and what the next steps are for her innovative ideas.”

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