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Leave the handiwork to us!When it comes to getting handyman-type work done in and around your home, you don’t always need to hire a construction contractor. There are certain tasks that can be repaired by a skilled handyman, and could save you money through various means. While a contractor is good to have in case you want to add a new entryway to your home, or you want to add a second story, some jobs just don’t require their specialized skill set. A good handyman service, on the other hand – now that’s something that every homeowner should have on speed dial!

The Half-Day Handyman Service

Many of us have a long honey-do list filled with mundane projects like cleaning the drains, washing windows, hanging a new interior door, or repairing that small section of flooring. Many times, these turn into weekend projects because we don’t own the proper tools for the job, and even the best plans still don’t get done 100%. When you are faltering due to time constraints, you should step back and look into getting a half-day handyman service from Checklist Home Services.

Our professional handymen work in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the surrounding area. We will go through your honey-do list and knock out most projects without worrying about getting halfway done and calling it a day. Not only can you knock out a lot of the honey-do tasks, but you could very well save money down the line due to ignored leaks or other damage.

Simple Projects Done Fast

Don’t wait for a 3-day weekend to get one thing done on your own. You should be able to enjoy your rare day off. Hire someone who can help you work through various projects from painting an office to building Swedish furniture; you can easily get back to your life on your terms if you work with the Checklist crews that can do the work for you. There’s no need to keep putting things on the backburner, when you have people who can assist in projects that you may have from home improvement and beyond.

The Cost Break Down

When you start to compare the costs of having a contractor help, or you really start to measure the costs of your time and energy, things can be pricey. However, when you work with our half-day handyman service, you can get more of your free time back starting at $395 in Brooklyn. If you’re in Manhattan, the price is only $500. Regardless of where you are, the work can be isolated and organized so that we can go through your honey-do list more quickly and save your three day weekend for fun and relaxation.

Simply put, this is a way to finally get through your to-do list of home improvement in half a day. Test our services out once and you’ll never go back to taking on painstaking projects on your own again, that’s for sure. Call us at 347-695-1882 or fill out our form and submit it for a quote.