The ceilings in your home probably don’t get much attention. And that’s a shame. Caring for your ceilings can make a big difference in the overall feel of each room and the house as a whole. If you’ve decided that it’s about time that your ceilings get the care they deserve, contact Checklist right away. Our NYC home ceiling repair services can make quick work of even challenging projects!

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Basic Ceiling Repair

In most homes, the need for ceiling repair doesn’t come up often. After all, a ceiling isn’t going to be accidentally damaged through day to day use, as might be the case with a floor or wall. However, ceiling repair needs can arise from time to time, such as when a plumbing issue has allowed water to run free above the ceiling. It’s important to address such issues in a timely manner before they worsen, so contact Checklist today to get started.

Add Much-Needed Lighting

Do you have a room in your home that just always seems to be dark? That can be fixed by installing some new lighting fixtures! Once your new lighting is installed, you can simply flip the switch and enjoy the illumination that has been missing in the space. There are many types of lighting that can be installed depending on your needs—including track lighting, recessed lighting, and pendant lighting.

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What About A Ceiling Fan?

A ceiling fan can transform a room. Ceiling fans are popular in bedrooms as well as living spaces. Choosing a style that includes light is a great way to improve both air circulation and overall lighting. Checklist can provide you with a handyman to install a new ceiling fan from scratch—or to help repair or replace an old one. Don’t put off this project any longer when it can be handled easily one of our experienced handymen!

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If you want your home to be a relaxing retreat you can enjoy day after day for years to come, you might need to pay some attention to your ceilings. Take a look around your home and determine if any of the ceilings need some work. When it becomes clear that a project needs to be completed, Checklist should be your first call. We offer expert NYC home ceiling repair services for competitive prices. Contact us today to learn more!

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