Have you ever installed a ceiling fan on your own? While it may seem like a small job, it can be quite complicated, and you run the risk of damaging your new fan if it’s mishandled or installed incorrectly. Not to mention, your ceiling fan is often the centerpiece of the room—it will be apparent if it’s not properly in place! You spent time, effort, and money in the selection of your new fan. Be certain that it’s secure and looking just how you imagined it by requesting ceiling fan installation services with Checklist Home Services in NYC.

What You’ll Love About Checklist Home Services

There are so many benefits to hiring Checklist Home Services for your ceiling fan installation. All that’s required of you is to contact us about your fan—that’s it. When you work with us, you won’t have to spend hours trying to piece the fan together yourself. You won’t have to do any heavy lifting. You won’t have to stand precariously on a chair, holding up the bulky fan while simultaneously trying to drill it in place.

Skip the hassle. Contact Checklist Home Services for a quick, convenient, and efficient installation today.

We Also Do Repairs!

Does your current fan creak? Does it seem loose? Are lightbulbs burned out? Is it just not working quite as well as it used to? If so, one of our handymen would be happy to repair your ceiling fan. Our knowledgeable team will work to identify the issue and swiftly restore your fan to its former glory. You’ll be happy to have a fully-functioning fan once more, especially during the hot summer months in NYC!

Install or Fix Your Ceiling Fan Today

When you’re ready to put your new ceiling fan in place or repair the one you currently have, reach out to Checklist Home Services. We’re well-equipped and prepared for all of your installation needs!