Unique Shelving with Industrial Pipes

Recycling is all the rage and for good reason, it helps to protect the environment. Another good reason is that reclaimed material can make interesting household items. One great way to repurpose industrial piping is to use it to make shelves. If you have a small space, you can create a built-in shelf using industrial […]

Does Your Master Bedroom Feel Like One?

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Sometimes changing the color scheme and dealing with other decorative touches is enough to revitalize the look of a bedroom. If your space is seriously outdated and even cramped, here are some changes you can make to freshen and brighten things up. Storage Space One thing you will definitely want to avoid having in your […]

Repurpose Your Old Bookshelves to Create Something Entirely New

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Everyone has purchased those big box bookshelves at some point in their lives. You know what we’re talking about; the flat box some assembly required bookshelves made of laminated particle board. What do you generally do with those when they’re no longer suitable or needed to store books? Use them to store electronics? Throw them […]