Repurpose Your Old Bookshelves to Create Something Entirely New

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Everyone has purchased those big box bookshelves at some point in their lives. You know what we’re talking about; the flat box some assembly required bookshelves made of laminated particle board. What do you generally do with those when they’re no longer suitable or needed to store books? Use them to store electronics? Throw them […]

Curb Alert: Antique Metal Medicine Cabinet

Another salvaged treasure from a client — this antique metal recessed medicine cabinet.  21″ x 27″ Similar models sell for $150 on eBay and $200+ at hipster Brooklyn vintage shops.   Cost:  free.  We only ask that you snap and share a pic of it installed in its new home.  Tell us why you want […]

Curb Alert: Windows and Doors

A client in Park Slope is parting with 4 of the home’s original windows and a double front door found in the basement. Great salvage for restoration or art.